Ready, set, LAUNCH!

February saw a number of celebrations here at Pharmacy Express as part of our opening launch. We welcomed all customers into our store with a 10% discount voucher for the entire month of February. Sleepy commuters were pleasantly surprised when they were greeted delicious mini cupcakes on the first day of our launch across the concourse in Connolly Station, the 98FM Thunders took the time to stop by and even treated themselves to a few of our goodies!

We didn't stop there though, the next morning we delivered over 1,000 red apples from Smithfield Fruit Market to those passing through the station. After all, it is highly recommended to maintain a well balanced diet!

Was that it, I hear you say? It sure wasn't! We got our friends at Rimmel, Vichy & La Roche Posay to give us some exclusive freebies and most conveniently on the eve of St. Valentines Day. We sent away some very happy ladies all set to pamper themselves for the next day and some even happier gentlemen who could relax after stocking up on some little gifts for their loved ones.

Stay tuned, we've got bucket loads more to come.


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