Tummy Troubles?

You know you're Irish when you like to blame all of your ailments on the weather. I mean why not, we blame everything else on it!

But have you considered that maybe some of your every day discomforts aren't due to the fact that it drizzled in Galway this morning?


Irritable Bowels?


Hives & Runny Nose?

Or simply feeling Sluggish?

You could have a food intolerance.

DON'T PANIC- It is not the end of the World as you know it.

Believe it or not, there are some damned good alternatives to Gluten & Dairy options these days & our Pharmacist can give you a hand in redesigning your weekly food shop.

Arrange a Food Intolerance Test today.

Email, Phone, Text, Comment, Mail, Tweet, send a Carrier Pigeon or even Pop into us for more info on Food Intolerance Testing.

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