Ok, I'm definitely guilty of taking those stormy winter nights for granted where I could stuff my piggies into a pair of knee highs and head off to take on the world.

It's only ever until Schuh's window starts to make the transition from Dr. Martins to Havaianas that I realise just how easy I had it!

Panic slowly but surely starts to set in- I may actually have to get my feet out IN PUBLIC!

No matter how hard I try to avoid it, my summer wardrobe just will not work with foot gloves.

There are a few tips I've picked up over the years and I'm relieved to say, that this year I was actually looking forward to sandal season!

I'll let you in on some secrets that will help you get your feet summer ready.

1) I would recommend setting aside 30 mins to this for a few days, in the evening after work is my preferred time to prep. The best part is, you can just sit there and relax for the most part, stick on the telebox and catch up on Game of Thrones.

2) Pick up a bag/ tub of Epsom Salts (€2.95 for 250mg tub). Irish mammies love Epsom Salts, so if you don't want to splash out, check the cupboards at home.

Add 1/2 Cup of the salts into a basin of warm hoter and soak for as long as feels right.

You can do this a few times in the first week.

Soften Skin

Soothe Aches

Remover Odors (yes, we're human)

Reduce Swelling

If your feet are a little rougher than expected, you can always go with Scholl Hard Skin Softening Cream (€6.92). This works wonders for me. The salicylic acid will help soften the stubborn areas of hard skin. I rubbed some on in the morning, threw it in the handbag and reapplied during the day. NOTE- This product is NOT suitable for those who have diabetes or poor blood circulation. Sorry guys.

3) Exfoliate. Pick a handful of Epsom Salts and rub onto wet feet. You can do this a few times throughout the week at first as it may be a while since you exfolitated those toesies.

If you have a lot of dry skin on your feet or haven't the time to exfoliate throughout the week, you can use Scholl Dry Skin Exfoliator (€6.53). It will get to work fast on your dead skin cells and promotes natural cell renewal. Massage into clean, dry skin and rinse. NOTE- Consult your doctor if you have diabetes before using this product.

4) Go out and get those absolute 'must have' strappy shoes that you've been eyeing up for weeks and make everyone on the office think you were born summer ready!

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