Sun Safe Tips

The Sun is shining and we are all in great form, apart from sweating and the squinting.

We are constantly making new discoveries about the sun but it is still a source of uncertainty and confusio to many of us.

Let us break it down in layman's terms for you.

It is understood so far that;

Sunlight consists of two types of ultra violet radiation that can damage the skin.

UVA (longwave) cause no pain and penetrate deeply into the skin, accelerating skin ageing and can lead to sun intolerance (sun allergies, pigmentation disorders) &

UVB (shortwave) stimulates tanning in particular and is the main cause of sunburn.

The understanding of exactly what kinds of damages each causes to the skin changes every year. Both UVA & UVB penetrate the atmosphere and play important roles in

Premature sking ageing (photoageing)

Eye damage (cataracts) &

Skin cancer

By damaging the skins cellular DNA, excessive UV radiation produces genetic mutations that can lead to skin cancer.

The sun has some great benefits, but like all things if not used properly and with care, there can be side effects.

Sun Safe tips

Always seek shade when you're outdoors.

especially between 10am - 4pm

UVA penetrates glass, so it may be a good idea to get UV protected tinted covers for your car windows if you're regularly on the road.

Always, ALWAYS make sure your sunglasses have UV protection - forget how cheap they are or how good they look.

Sunscreen - this is a tricky one and has been awarded its own paragraph (see below)

Sunscreen is measured in SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

SPF is not an amount of protection per se. Rather, it indicates how long it will take for UV to redden the skin when using suncream, compared to how long it would take to redden without the product.

For example; SPF 15 takes 15 times as long to redden than without sunscreen.

SPF 15 protects 93% of the sun's UVB rays

SPF 30 protects 97% &

SPF 50 protects 98%

It is recommended that you use SPF 15 or higher to get adequate protection.

When choosing sunscreen, ensure that there is some protection from both rays (UVA &UVB).

Our Pharmacist Recommends,

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