EARitating symptoms..

Ear infections seem like they just drop out of thin air and make a beeline for your eardrum. Ear infections are more common to occur in colder tempuratures, like Autumn/Winter (or all year round depending on what part of Ireland you live in).

You may think such a topic is irrelevant, until you actually get an ear infection and then this suddenly makes sense again. Such infections can be easily treated, but understandably, it is less painful to prevent an infection rather than fight it off once you've got it. We're not talking about doin a head stand for an hour a day, these tips are pretty doable.

Here's a few tips for keeping your Britney SpEARs happy & healthy ;)

1. Without inserting it into the canal, place a cotton ball just inside your ear when applying Tan / Hairspray / Perfume / Hair Dyes

2. Keep 'em dry! Make sure to give only your outer ear a good drying after showering and especially after a bath. This makes it harder for infections to sprout.

3. Avoid "The Common Cold". Practise good hygiene and wash your hands often.

4. Try Quies Silicone Earplugs for Swimmers. They can help prevent ear infections & can also aid in preventing "Swimmers Ear" (water clogged in the ear canal.)

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